About the Author

andrew_edwards_digital_is_destroying_everythingAndrew V. Edwards is a digital marketing executive with twenty years of experience serving large organizations, and has been an operating executive and digital marketing consultant since the 1980s. Currently he is Director of Intelligence at Cardinal Path, a digital analytics consulting firm.

His vision for Digital is Destroying Everything was prompted by his experience in pioneering digital media and measurement. In the 20th century, Andrew was at first attracted by the scrappy, change-the-world appeal of the Internet. Several years after he became involved in digital, it stopped being scrappy, and with his help, it did change the world.

Apart from the obvious benefits of instant communication and democratization of media, Andrew noticed that enormous cultural changes were also taking place in parallel. He saw from the inside how many industries were being either heavily impacted or totally destroyed. As a book-collector, he saw bookstores disappear, replaced largely by Amazon. As a music-lover, he saw free-downloading ruin the music industry as we knew it. Always a skeptic, he also saw that many industries had long suffered from weaknesses that left them exposed to the onslaught of digital. The book takes a nuanced approach to the destruction or wholesale change in many industries, and Andrew took great care to point out how digital destroyed what was weak and vulnerable–sometimes for the better but not always.

He also noticed how a new generation took digital for granted; and how it became dogmatic that everything about digital must be a positive–because it was new, because it was different; and later, because it’s all some people really knew or understood. He saw privacy robbed by the vast spy networks at the NSA. He saw people giving up rights of ownership of their own content when they signed “terms of service” agreements with social media companies. And he saw that digital was impacting job growth where humans were being replaced by robots, algorithms, or both.

Based on his long experience in digital practices, he saw it was time for a new discussion about digital. Digital is Destroying Everything is the result.

Andrew began working in digital marketing in the 1980s when he pioneered a desktop publishing practice at The Yellow Pages. In the early 1990s he created some of the first web sites for the enterprise, and was involved in early tests of interactive television. Since 2002, Edwards has been consulting with Fortune 500 companies about digital analytics. In 2003 he co-founded the Digital Analytics Association. A recognized thought-leader in the industry, Edwards writes regularly for ClickZ, the world’s most complete information source about digital marketing. In 2013 he co-wrote “Convergence Analytics” a ground-breaking report published by Incisive Media. He has spoken at events like eMetrics, the OMMA Mobile Conference, The DMA Conference, The DAA Symposium and at ClickZ Live. In the 1980s, Andrew’s play, “Squashed Like A Bug”, was produced in New York’s East Village. Digital is Destroying Everything is his first book.